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Conflict: Healthy or Unhealthy

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Professional Services


Life Coaching

I specialize in working with normal, healthy, high-functioning individuals who are bothered by an issue or problem they would like resolved, but have not been able to resolve on their own. It might be an old or more recent issue they have with themselves or a problem they are having with someone else. I coach and guide my clients in their learning and resolving of the issue or problem. 

Partnership and Business Consultation 

Communication breakdowns, personality conflicts, difficult feelings, and other relationship problems, as well as stress can ruin a business or partnership. Consultation and treatment aimed at resolving problems due to interpersonal, emotional, and other human relationship factors is available to businesses, partnerships and other organizations. Counseling for crisis prevention and threat management is also available. 

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Counseling and psychotherapy to help the individual, couple or family deal with or change personal and private issues and problems that they have not been able to satisfactorily handle on their own. 

Personal Consultation

Once a problem is defined and understood the solution is sometimes obvious and easily achieved. Unfortunately, the intangible and subjective nature of psychological functioning, stress, communication, interpersonal and group dynamics often make identification, clarification and definition of the problem and relevant issues very complex and difficult. Other problems are easily identified, but the path and steps needed to solve the problem are complex and difficult to identify and accomplish. Psychological consultation is available to help clarify the problem, identify and sort out the relevant issues, and to clarify the various paths to a solution, the steps that need to be taken and the hurdles to overcome.

Psychological Health Care

Individual counseling and psychotherapy for adults, adolescents and children, including:
Relationship therapy
Marital and premarital therapy
Family therapy
Group therapy
Diagnostic psychological evaluation


High stress and stress-related disorders
Problems of adjustment
Marital and relationship issues
Family and step-family problems
Sexual issues and dysfunctions
Divorce prevention
Loss, grief and bereavement
Depression, guilt
Anxiety, fears, phobias
Anger, hostility and resentment
Sexual trauma and abuse
Alcohol and substance abuse
Smoking cessation
Psychological weight control
Habit and behavior change
Shyness and problems with assertion
Low self-esteem
Psychological pain management
Religious conflict
Crisis and threat management


The cost of my services is within the usual and customary fees for professional services in the community. My standard fee is $150.00 per 50-minute hour. I recognize that not everyone can afford my usual fee and I don't want the cost to interfere with the person receiving needed treatment. If the person is motivated to learn, I will be flexible in setting the fee, which may be a reduced amount. I do not participate in managed care plans or other provider-insurance company agreements. I base my treatment on the needs of my clients, tailoring my approach to each client and their unique situation. I am guided by what is for the welfare and best interests of my clients, and not the financial needs of an insurance company or a simplified cookbook approach to treatment. 

I am also concerned about confidentiality and respecting each of my client's privacy.  Most managed care plans require the therapist to report private intimate details about clients' lives. I get very concerned when I think about private personal information about my clients' lives being put into an insurance companies' computer system. There is a movement to establish a shared national information data bank containing confidential health care information. It frightens me to think about who might gain access to that personal information and how the information could be used. I am committed to respecting my clients' privacy and keeping the personal intimate information confidential. As a courtesy to my clients, I will send a monthly standard insurance statement to their insurance company for them, or provide them with a receipt for professional services that they can send to their company for reimbursement. 

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How to Express

Difficult Feelings 

Tips on Listening 

Conflict: Healthy

or Unhealthy

Stress: Health &
Relationship Killer

Selecting a Mate

Weight Control

Holiday Blues

How to Get the Most From Therapy 

Psychological Tests

About Dr. Nadig

Treatment Philosophy

Professional Services and Fees